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Enterprise Asset Management Solutions for Personal and Corporate Assets

Integrated Dashboard for Streamlined Management & Improved Accountability


Manage all your assets from a single screen with a Mobile-based Asset Management Solution

When you have so much to take care of, it becomes quite a hassle to manage your assets in a streamlined manner. Our advanced asset management solutions give you the power to centralize asset-related data on a single screen and manage every asset. With segregated management modules for individuals, corporations, and asset merchants, the asset management solution becomes an ideal solution for people and companies wanting to store information and documents, get notifications, and connect with vendors easily.

Solution we provide

Complete Solution for Corporates as well As Individuals

HR Intranet Solutions

Integrated management dashboard

A dedicated dashboard with an interactive and user-friendly interface helps track all assets on a single screen. With an option to manage customer interactions and ticket management, the dashboard can be ideal for merchants and corporates with multiple assets under management.

Recruitment & Interview Tracker

Document Storage

The solution can be used to store important information and documents to create a central repository for asset management.

Sales & Marketing Intranet Solutions

Maintenance Optimization

Keep a record of all the maintenance documents and schedules on a single screen. Manage warranties, insurance, ownership information, and service history in minutes, and keep all information at your fingertips for easy maintenance.

Complete Asset Management Solutions for Corporates as well As Individuals

Empower diverse industries with tailored asset management solutions. From manufacturing to healthcare, our comprehensive system optimizes resource utilization, minimizes downtime, and ensures regulatory compliance, delivering unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, it's important to track the details of the different machinery. Some machines are used for a longer period hence it becomes essential to get the details of their check-up, changing inside parts, and its functionality too. A comprehensive Asset Management software is designed to detect potential issues as it employs preventive maintenance and also provides the facility to schedule regular maintenance.

Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and medical establishments are required to keep a record of precise and updated stocks. However, with the help of enterprise asset management software, healthcare organizations can maintain the right level of inventory. As medicines and surgical materials are expensive, it becomes crucial for the healthcare industry to keep track a record of all supplies.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, it is important to get track of assets used on site. Generally, assets used in the construction industry are mobile and often get transferred from one site to another. But with the asset management solution system, one can easily track the exact details of the assets transferred with its real-time location as well.

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Key Features Overview

Streamline your asset management with our comprehensive solutions. Track, manage, and optimize your personal and corporate assets efficiently, enhancing productivity and ensuring optimal utilization across the board.

Attendance Tracking & Management

Could base and mobile accessible

In the era of digital tools, cloud-based asset management can give you easy access to everything that you need to manage. Mobile accessibility makes it easy for technicians to get rid of traditional ways of managing assets.

Attendance Tracking & Management

Custom roles and multi profiles

Allow multiple users to work on the team and assign a suitable role to make tracking easy for the management.

Attendance Tracking & Management

Tracking the effectiveness of equipment

To get the most out of the equipment in use, compare the effectiveness of the equipment as per the industry standards.

Attendance Tracking & Management

Asset lifecycle mapping

It is important to forecast the lifecycle of assets. Based on data gathered on the asset, our solutions can help you estimate the lifecycle of the asset and evaluate its performance as per industry standards.


Here’s why you need an Asset Management Solution

Enhance organizational efficiency and productivity by implementing robust asset management solutions. Streamline operations, mitigate risks, and maximize the lifespan of assets with intelligent tracking and management:

Access updated information related to an asset on the go, from anywhere, anytime.

Manage all your assets smartly without having to keep a detailed manual record and improve your productivity because of automation and a simplified management dashboard.

Streamline asset management and reduce overhead costs due to single-window asset management.

Assign clear responsibilities and define user roles to employees or third-parties and promote accountability.

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