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Transforming Mobility with Innovative and Sustainable EV Charging Management Solutions

As per the data, the share of EV vehicles is expected to grow by 5% by 2025 in the world. This indicates significant growth in the industry of automobile. But with the rise in EV vehicles comes the need for digital solutions. While cities are witnessing the expansion of EV infrastructure, it’s also important to create services for the end users. With our exclusive EV Charging Management Software, businesses can now avail white label solutions, EV app development, Future-proofed architecture, and a lot more.

Solution we provide

Cutting edge solutions for sustainable future

HR Intranet Solutions

Enterprise charger network

Charge up your business with our exclusive solutions for corporates and enterprises. We collaborate toward a greener future with an EV transition strategy. With our fleet management expertise, we offer you a technology to meet your company's objectives.

Recruitment & Interview Tracker

Charge point locator app & CRM

At Envity, we focus on building advanced mobility software which in turn upgrades the EV (Electric Vehicle) charging platform. Our apps facilitate both spatial and regulatory requirements for the discovery of the closest charging points and user compliance with regulatory standards. Trust and Evnity for the dynamic approach that leads the way of smart transportation.

Sales & Marketing Intranet Solutions

White label solutions

At Evnity, we provide you with customizable White Label Solutions allowing you to develop your own B2B architecture including websites and apps under your brand name. Targeting your requirements, our solutions help integrate branding elements with ease to give users a unique and personal sense. Team up with Evnity to create new products and services that will build value for your brand.

Accelerating EV adoption

Explore our extensive range of use cases highlighting how Evnity's EV infrastructure is customized to cater to the specific requirements of key sectors –public, private and commercial. From starting public charging infrastructure improvements to developing fleet management, we use our breakthrough technologies to seamlessly insert electric vehicles into various businesses across industries.

Public charging

The location of public charging stations becomes paramount when it comes to advancing EV usage. Through the installation of charging stations on public spaces we improve the connectivity, scalability, and user experience. This not only promotes green mobility, but can also stimulate the growth of an economy via attracting more EV users and a green and clean environment overall.

Private charging

Our private charging systems give people and enterprises the power to organize their EV stations according to their convenience. Catering to the needs and preferences of each individual owner, owners can now easily supervise charging spaces created privately to ensure smooth and tailored operations with the usage of our smart customizable and scalable solutions.

Business charging

IConflux’s business charging solutions provide an ideal platform for businesses to change their EV charging system, letting customers leverage advanced solutions and benefits. Our technology helps businesses maximize revenue from electric mobility by providing a simple and straightforward charging solution. From provision of smart charging management to addition of value-added services, our solutions give businesses the leverage to remain competitive amidst a fast changing EV market.

Revolutionizing EV solutions across industries

Transforming diversification of mobility across various sectors with our EV charging management system. Electric vehicles (EVs) are restructuring multilateral industries by implying them to be environmentally-friendly, efficient and inexpensive. From charge point operators that guarantee smooth charging infra to energy and utility sectors who embrace the inclusion of renewable energy, EVs are positively bringing in the revolution in the area of fleet and logistics management. As fuel and service stations are facing the changing automotive industry, they are dynamically doing the best to make shifts where possible and required.

Charge point operators

EV charging network operators are responsible for the whole EV charging infrastructure and locate stations at different spots on the network. By applying our EV solutions to their services, they are able to employ optimization tools that enable them to track charge points and perform charge revenue analysis and customer relations management seamlessly, streamlines billing and invoice processes, as well as enhance the operational efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Energies and Utilities

As a power and utility company, we undertake an important function in the delivery of crucial services to homes and commercial facilities. Through IConflux's EV solutions, we can amplify the process by integrating the effective CRM into our operations, developing custom apps, and digitizing the entire services network. This allows us to reduce the number of the services and control them better thus enhancing the consumer's satisfaction as well as operational performance.

EV Fleet & Logistics

As a fleet and logistics business, we are embracing the EV revolution to mark cost savings in fuel and promoting sustainability. IConflux's EV management solutions empower us to effectively operate our diverse fleet of vehicles and enhance their performance while at the same time contributing to a clean and green environment. These comprehensive solutions allow us to do smart logistics and pursue business growth.

Fuel & Service Stations

As a fuel and service station, we understand and recognize the necessity of going with electric vehicles technology. IConflux's EV solutions streamline operations by tracking usage, revenue and invoicing for EV charging units. Our digital solutions comprise of CRM functionalities and user friendly apps to make the process smooth and provide customers with an enhanced experience.

Drive Innovation with EV Solutions by IConflux

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Key Features Overview

Discover the full potential of the EV sector with our innovative features developed specifically to cater to the unique needs of our clients. From simple charging management to advanced analytics our EV charging management software in India is developed to digitize operations and deliver up-to-date services for a sustainable future.

Attendance Tracking & Management

Full-stack EV solutions

Experience end-to-end EV solutions encompassing everything from infrastructure development to user-centric applications for a seamless experience.

Attendance Tracking & Management

B2B technology provider

Empower your business with our advanced EV CRM and intuitive dashboard, designed to streamline operations and drive growth effortlessly.

Attendance Tracking & Management

Future proof architecture

Ensure future readiness with our OCPP-compliant infrastructure and advanced websites and app development solutions for sustained growth and innovation.

Attendance Tracking & Management

EV-friendly app development

Crafting intuitive EV-friendly apps tailored to streamline operations, enhance user experience, and drive sustainable growth in the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Attendance Tracking & Management

Expert EV consultants

Tap into the expertise of our seasoned EV consultants, leveraging years of industry experience to drive your entrepreneurial success forward.

Attendance Tracking & Management

White label solutions

Unlock the potential of your EV innovations with our customizable white label solutions, tailored to meet your market-ready needs.

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